The Fundus Camera

Everyone hates getting dilated, but most of us realize the value in having an eye care professional take the time to look inside the eye. Many devastating eye diseases and degenerations actually occur within the eye itself without recognizable symptoms. The majority of early detection techniques rely on proper baseline testing. This allows our doctors to determine if an imperceptible but potentially vision threatening change has occurred since your baseline visit. 

At Doylestown Family Eye Associates we have invested in the latest digital retinal imaging device that we can perform instead of dilation (in most cases). This not only rids you of the blurring drops and discomfort, but establishes a high resolution digital image baseline of the many important structures in the back of your eyes. Our doctors will immediately review with you the health of your retina, optic nerve, macula, blood vessels and more. And most importantly, instead of having to refer to drawings or descriptions on subsequent visits to determine potential change, the doctors simply pull up your baseline digital image and can use computer imaging to allow for increased precision and accuracy. All without dilating drops. 

It should be noted that in certain types of cases, our doctors may recommend dilation instead or in addition to the fundus imaging.

Fundus Camera
Fundus camera image